Iam Angry

A client has allowed me to share a letter she wrote to her husband after finding out he’d been having an affair.

I AM angry...

I’m angry that you had sex with her
I’m angry that you got naked with her
I’m angry that you touched her and kissed her and let her touch you in ways that only I am supposed to be able to

I’m angry that you broke our marriage vows
I’m angry that the rings that I once loved and treasured are now just reminders of the vows you broke and so I don’t even want to wear them

I’m angry that you went to lunch with her that day and said yes when she asked if you wanted to go to her house
I’m angry that you never even thought about wearing a condom to protect me
I’m angry that you never thought about saying no either time
I’m angry that you didn’t feel guilty/bad enough to tell me as soon as you got home that first time
I’m angry there was a 2nd time

I’m angry that you talked bad about me to her.
I’m angry about all the times I needed you so badly while I was sick and you weren’t there
I’m angry that you knew I needed you but couldn’t bring yourself to be there for me but even talked to her about it

I’m angry that I felt the need to protect you and didn’t seek help from anyone else

I’m angry that God made me sick. I think that had everything to do with our lack of communication

I’m angry that I’m “letting you off the hook” so easily. I don’t think anyone would believe that when a husband has an affair, the wife ups their sex game and doesn’t make him “pay”.

I’m angry that you still don’t want to tell me I’m pretty

I’m angry that you told me on vacation

I’m angry that I’m second guessing myself now and don’t trust my senses

I’m angry that I was so naive
I’m angry that I feel like an idiot
I’m angry that I care what she thinks of me

That’s a lot of anger...

I’m also grateful...
Grateful I dropped my phone
Grateful you finally confessed
Grateful there wasn’t a 3rd time
Grateful that I’m not letting my anger rule my heart and mouth
Grateful you’re willing to try to fix us
Grateful for our new found intimacy
Grateful we found Peggy
Grateful for the money and time to see her

Grateful that love seems to be winning

Just wanted to share.

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