Hormones affect our relationships!

  • They are essential in both male and female
  • They greatly influence our brain
  • They essentially affect every system
  • They are like a symphony, all working together
  • They are critical from a mental health standpoint

Hormone fluctuation is more pronounced for women with monthly periods, PMS, birth control issues, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause.

“It’s not a subject most people like to discuss, but PMS or perimenopause can wreak havoc on relationships, especially when it is not recognized. Despite what many people seem to think, hormonal fluctuations throughout a woman’s cycle can be as hard on her as they seem to be on the people in her life.” (Sherry Holetzky)

Men go through a form of menopause, too, called andropause, although the passage can be more gradual.

Our hormones can have a tremendous affect on our relationship. It is an inner battle - mentally and physically - for not just women, but men as well.

Clearly, our minds and bodies are designed to function at their best with the right mix of hormones. But, given our fallen, less than perfect, bodies, men and women have to deal with mood, memory, and behavior challenges when hormones are “off.” This does not mean we are controlled by hormones and unable to function well if they are not optimal. But, it does mean thinking and responding well may be more difficult.

Communication is key.

Both sexes go through hormonal transitions throughout their life-time together, which can be disruptive, destructive, and scary, and a certain level of understanding and communication is required for any one to have a quality relationship during these times.

- For women, it may be hard to get a male partner to understand and be able to empathize with her challenges.

- For men, it's advisable they acquaint themselves with the effects of hormones, in themselves and their partners, in order to better understand the changes their relationship is going through.

This is a time to reach out to each other rather than pull away.

I have been researching and studying the hormonal factor in relationships for over 20 years, from the early stages of puberty, through post menopause. I can help guide you through these challenging times.

Hormone Study from Alan Altman, MD on Vimeo.

Comparison of using estrogen post-menopausally through the skin or by mouth (orally or transdermally) from Alan Altman, MD on Vimeo.



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